Transforming Mirror - Timely Reflections Introduction

For the Multimedia Authoring project ‘Transforming Mirrors’, I wanted the viewer to be able to interact with the screen then capture and record their movements as a motion trail. We are therefore leaving a trail of the past. In this way, it is an example of ‘transforming mirror’ – the reflected image is transformed into a motion trail. This allows the viewers to perform any range of movement in order to interact with the work, explore the transformations, and leave their presence for a prolonged period of time. The interactive piece documented in this site is entitled ‘Timely Reflections’ and has been created using the Processing program. As well as showing the actual pixels of the viewer several frames back, the trail that the viewer leaves uses bright, psychedelic colours to add to it and make it stand out against what isn't moving. The bright colours also add complexity to the possible output that the viewer can save.

The following is a poem entitled ‘Remember’ that I feel relates well to my concept ‘Timely Reflections’. Through my piece, I wish to capture these memories and bring them back to the viewer even if only for a short period of time. However, long enough to remember the moments, before one after the other they fade away...

Years pass by and feel like days,
When you reflect, it’s all a haze,
Memories faded, leaving you in despair,
The past has vanished into thin air.

Life moves so fast these days,
Events and places, names and faces,
Fragments of the past, those days,
Songs and lyrics, games we played.

All reduced to a dull haze,
How can I bring back the good old days?
All I want is to remember,
Before time runs away forever.